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The UK’s favourite tenant passport

Do you often find that the best properties go before they are even advertised? Can you be sure you will pass referencing, once you have finally found a property? These frustrations are common amongst renters, which is why at good2rent we have decided to do things differently.

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What is Rent Match™?
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Rent Match™ gets you hot new properties ahead of other applicants.

With our unique Rent Match™ process, good2rent shares a summary of your Rental Passport™ (with your permission) with local letting agents allowing you to be matched with properties which suit both your budget and rental requirements, often before they are listed.

No more calling around registering with multiple agents. Input your details once and we will share with local agents to take the hassle out of finding your new home.

Are you good2rent?

Competition for good rental homes is fierce so tenants get prepared!

Secure your new rental home quicker and more simply. Complete your good2rent Rental Passport™ for just £10, before you start your property search and we will verify that you are ‘good2rent’ with our digital ID, verified income and rental payments and a soft credit check. You can share your verified Rental Passport™ with local agents and get property listings before they’re advertised.

This is the smart way of renting your next home.

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Tenant profile

A Rental Passport™ is completed by you ahead of viewings and provides fully verified proof of your ID, income, affordability and credit score.

Valid for 90 days and shareable with letting agents and landlords, your Rental Passport™ allows you to view properties knowing you are ‘good2rent’.

As a Rental Passport™ holder you also get access to our exclusive discounts.

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Credit check

A soft credit check verifies your financial suitability, allowing agents to pre-approve you on enquiry.

Should you progress with a property, the agent can view the full credit check.

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Discounts and tenant perks

Renting should be rewarding. With the good2rent rental passport take advantage of numerous discounts to enhance your rental experience and tenant life.

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Make renting easier. Sign up on any digital device to build, manage & share your good2rent Rental Passport™.


Create your good2rent Rental Passport™ in minutes


Free to start your profile, only pay £10 when you verify your Rental Passport™. Valid for 90 days for unlimited sharing with agents and landlords.


We guarantee your privacy, good2rent is partnered with Yoti, the digital ID app. Your Rental Passport™ is safe with border control level security.

Trusted, high quality renters

Our Rental Passport™ gives you and your agent the tools to trust.

  • ID/Passport Verification
  • Soft Credit Check
  • Verified Matched Bank Account
  • Verified Salary
  • Verified Regular Rent Payments
  • Verified Affordability Calculation
  • Previous Agent / Landlord Details
  • Employer Details
  • Unique Tenant Star Rating
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Letting Agent

Speed up the rental process with pre-approved applicants.

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Protect your investment and let your property faster by accepting a good2rent Rental Passport™.

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