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Streamline your lettings process

Have recent legislation changes created new challenges for your business?

Our good2rent pre-vetted tenant leads and digital referencing can help mitigate some of those costs by improving the efficiency of your lettings process.

THE CHALLENGE: Save on cost and time

Each agency has around half a head focused on administrative tasks for the letting process.

We can streamline this process using technology.

Trustpilot: 5 Stars - Excellent

Manage tenants with the good2rent dashboard

As a registered good2rent agent you will have access to your own g2r dashboard, enabling you to quickly invite prospective tenants to use our Rental Passport™, at a cost of only £10 per reference to you, the agent.

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Was nervous at using a new referencing company but all my fears disappeared as they were excellent. Will use again definitely.

Jason, City and Urban International

Is your next tenant good2rent?
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How Rent Match™ works..

You’ll receive, direct into your inbox and onto your dashboard, the contact details and property requirements of pre-vetted applicants who are actively searching for rental properties in your local area direct into your email inbox, as well as your g2r dashboard. All you need to do is match your properties to their requirements and arrange a viewing.

good2rent tenants attend viewings pre-referenced including verified ID, income, rent payments, credit score, affordability and a star rating.

If a tenant’s offer is accepted, you can instantly download and view their full reference for just £10.

Unrivaled features that save your business timeand money

Digital ID verification

good2rent, with our partner YOTI, verifies a tenant’s ID, ensuring KYC (know your customer) compliance.

Income analysis

good2rent verifies a tenant’s regular income using 6 months of their online bank statements.

Rent analysis

If the tenant is currently renting, we also verify these payments are regular using 6 months of their online bank statements.

Credit search

We conduct a credit search to verify a tenant’s credit history and any linked addresses.

Affordability calculator

Acurate affordability calculations based on the tenant’s verified income making it easier for you, the agent, to determine their affordability against the rent.

Why accept good2rent tenants?

good2rent tenants are trusted renters and therefore your most valuable asset to protect your landlord’s investments.

good2rent tenants are pre-qualified, fully vetted, self-motivated renters who have chosen to be part of a trusted star rated network.

1. Improve potential of agreeing tenancies and at a greater volume: Pre-approved, pre-matched applicants to properties increases agreed lets.

2. Increase landlord referrals: Deliver good tenants with good2rent, landlords will bring repeat and referred business.

3. Accept tenants instantly: On accepting an applicant, their good2rent Tenant Passport™ can be instantly downloaded as a full reference for £10 each to proceed with a tenancy agreement, no more wasted time on the wrong tenant.

4. Customisable for your agency: We understand you may want to request specific information to satisfy your landlords. If you want to include supporting evidence to complement our standard digital checks, our drag-and-drop application can be used.

5.Reduced costs: good2rent is fully automated, saving on administration, and pre-approval means no more failed references and costs of re-marketing properties.

6. Generate additional revenue: As a good2rent agent your agency can benefit from rent protection and utility add on products

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We are very happy with the service, the website is user friendly and it is easy to keep track of our applicants references

Carly Trueman, Office Administrator, Big Red House, Doncaster



Accept pre-qualified tenants.


Applicants pre-referenced before viewings.


Receive verified tenant summary profiles and contact details.


Early ‘Right to Rent’ passport recognition via Yoti’s digital ID app.

How are we different?

We use data and tech to drive our referencing.

We are partnered with YOTI to verify our tenants ID using border control level ID verification.

We verify income, previous rental payments and affordability using 6 months of a tenants online bank statements.

  • We are a tenant’s rental passport, by choice
  • We offer a fully verified reference, not just a credit check
  • We verify information like income & affordability
  • Our good2rent passport is portable for life
  • Our passport is created, owned and shared by the tenant
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Tenant profile

A Rental Passport™ is completed by you ahead of viewings and provides fully verified proof of your ID, income, affordability and credit score.

Valid for 90 days and shareable with letting agents and landlords, your Rental Passport™ allows you to view properties knowing you are ‘good2rent’.

As a Rental Passport™ holder you also get access to our exclusive discounts.

Credit check

A soft credit check verifies your financial suitability, allowing agents to pre-approve you on enquiry.

Should you progress with a property, the agent can view the full credit check.

Discounts and renter perks

Renting should be rewarding. With the good2rent rental passport take advantage of numerous discounts to enhance your rental experience and tenant life.

We have 97% of the 4,302 London letting agents on our database

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